Clear Lake Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics is committed to your family's oral health. Whether your visit involves routine cleaning, dental implants, dental fillings, or tooth crowns, our caring team is well-equipped to accommodate your dental needs. Our office is proud to offer many dental specialties to enhance your smile. Our team includes a pediatric dentist who will work with our younger patients and an oral surgeon who focuses on oral and maxillofacial surgeries and wisdom tooth extractions. Our other specialists include a periodontist who is skilled in placing implants and treating periodontal disease, an orthodontist who can help you decide between clear teeth aligners and conventional braces, an endodontist who performs speedy root canal treatments, and a team of hygienists who will perform dental cleanings and preventative treatments to ensure your oral health is in top condition. Clear Lake Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics is proud to be your family's dental provider of choice. Please book an appointment with us today!